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Discover the Proven Strategies, Tactics, Campaigns, and Tools That’ll Allow You to Finally Move From Ideas to Implementation

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✅  The SOLID Profit Maximization Formula that I use with every new project and business I work with to maximize the existing business quickly. Optimize what you’ve got, then you can SCALE (this is how I get killer results fast).

✅  Proven tactics and marketing pieces you can swipe and deploy that have repeatedly gotten the best results for businesses in multiple industries.

✅  Templates and systems you can immediately implement into your business. Stop re-inventing the wheel – I’ve created and tested the wheels for you :).

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✅  Daily tips, strategies, tactics, and tools based on what is working RIGHT NOW for businesses that you can immediately start implementing. You’ll also see what I’m working on behind-the scenes so you can see actual tech and marketing being created and implemented. 

Everything I Share, I Use Myself!

Proven to work, the tried and tested resources you’ll learn will help you cut through the noise, clutter, and constant stream of ‘shiny objects’ so you can focus 100% of your efforts on what will help you get more results.

This sure beats constantly “spinning your wheels” in your business… trying different strategies, buying course after course, trying out new tools constantly, and hoping and praying something will work.

You’ll learn how to take all of the ideas and pieces you’ve started and finally get them IMPLEMENTED so you can stop worrying about what to do and just GET IT DONE.

Being in motion makes everything easier… once you learn how to implement quickly with what I’ll show you, you’ll become an implementation (and results) machine.


This is not another boring marketing newsletter that gives some value but then is constantly pitching you on other things.

If you’re like me, you probably get a ton of marketing emails every day, and frankly they are mostly boring or ALWAYS pitching something. You don’t need to constantly be buying new things, watching new webinars, and investing in more technology.  You just need to implement things that are working today.

Let’s shortcut your success with proven tactics, build some systems around them, automate as much as possible, outsource the rest, and have more fun living in your zone of genius.

You can create a predictable “machine” that helps you simplify your business and get more done with less work. 

Join me.  I’ll show you how to get there.

Who Am I, And Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Jon Barrett, and I’m an entrepreneur, business consultant, digital marketing expert, and a ‘tech’ guy who understands how to take ideas and actually get them all IMPLEMENTED.

Over the last 18 years that I’ve been implementing for clients and I’ve learned how to map out an overall marketing and implementation strategy, take all of the tools and tech and moving parts, and put them all together… add systems around it, add automations, and operations so that it all runs like a machine.

I became known as a “tech guy who actually understands marketing” because I look at everything I do from a marketing standpoint of ‘will this get results?’

Through teaching thousands of entrepreneurs over the last few years at over 80 monthly live meetings in a row every single month in San Diego, and in working with clients, and being apart of high ticket mastermind groups, I’ve have seen and GET to see behind-the-scenes of a lot of different business and industries, and I continually learn new things that I get to test and share with you.

Here’s a few results I’ve gotten over the last few years:

  • I helped double three 6-figure businesses last year (2019)
  • I took a client from $40 to $55 million in annual sales in 6 months
  • I helped launch an info business that went from $0 to $732,000 in 12 months with no ad spend
  • I’ve planned out, marketed and operated all logistics for over 100 small workshops (30-100 people each) and a 300+ person event
  • I started and run a 6-figure a year mastermind in a small niche for 5 years running with very low churn rate
  • I helped one business get started and jump up to $1 million a year in 3 years
  • I’ve helped structure, marketing, and run masterminds, information marketing businesses, I’ve managed large paid ad budgets, I’ve done product launches, and hundreds and hundreds of webinar promotions.

Bottom line is – I’ve done a little bit of everything, and I’ve tested and used just about any tactic and tool out there today.

Ultimately I’ve helped people just like you save time, save money, get things done in their business that they’ve been sitting on forever, get “UN STUCK” when the wonderful tech challenges pop-up, and ultimately I strive to make your life easier.

I believe that entrepreneurs and small business owners are the backbone of the economy and it is my mission to help small businesses become more profitable and work more efficiently so they can provide more value to the world.

The faster you can implement, the faster you will learn what works and what doesn’t. 

By tracking your numbers, they will tell you what to do next.  The great part about knowing your numbers, tracking them, and analyzing them is they tell you the story of your business.

Then you can make educated decisions and drive forward quickly in a better spot.

Repeat the cycle and you constantly improve.

Throw in some systems and automation, and look out – pretty soon you’re hitting your goals and making the impact that you want to make in the world – whatever that looks like for you.

Join the newsletter and I’ll show you how 😉.

Discover the Proven Strategies, Tactics, Campaigns, and Tools That'll Allow You to Finally Move From Ideas to Implementation

Join the Implementation Newsletter Now:


If you’re ready to take that list of ideas that you’d love to implement and actually GET IT DONE… let’s get started.

Join my newsletter to get regular tips on how to be more productive, learn about tools to help you implement faster, and get step-by-step tutorials on how to get done what you need in order to grow, scale, and automate your business.

You can become more efficient, get more done, and get better results. Let’s get started.

I look forward to helping you implement your vision and achieving your goals!